A Cell Phone Keeps One Connected

Brilliant engineers and technicians continue to come up with useful inventions that enhance the lives of their fellow human beings.  One of their latest inventions is the cell phone.  In years gone by, people had to be near a phone that was connected to a land line somewhere in order to make a phone call.  If someone was expecting a call, they had to remain near a phone, or they would miss their call.  This could mean annoying one’s mother or losing a lucrative business contract.  A person far from a phone could miss a call from their sweetheart or from the bank with important information about their accounts.  All of these inconveniences were eliminated with the invention of the cell phone. 

Cell phones first appeared during the 1980’s when the technology was perfected for this type of communication.  When these phones first appeared they were quite bulky and expensive so few people bought one.  As the years have gone by, the cell phone has become smaller and less expensive.  Currently a great percentage of the population around the world carries a small phone in their purse or pocket.  The cell phones are dependent on a network to transfer the calls, and this network has expanded so it is possible to use a phone in many locales. 

Cell Phones Improve Constantly

Brilliant engineers and technicians invented the cell phone, and their successors have made many improvements in these devices.  These phones now provide better service than ever before.  The improvements seem to come daily which the manufacturers encourage to keep up sales.  The connections that cell phones provide are better than ever before.  A person in Los Angeles can call someone in Geneva and hear every word that person says.  Previously connections would be lost constantly.  Currently fewer connections are dropped so people are able to talk continuously. 

The latest cell phones have many great features.  Some of these phones now come equipped to take photographs that can be instantly transmitted to someone in another country.  This is a great feature for families who would like to send pictures to other members of the family.  Some cell phones are now equipped to take video pictures.  These video images can also be sent instantaneously to people in faraway places.  These pictures are now used by new services at times if they do not have a reporter in a place in the news.  Cell phones improve constantly and the improvements also improve the lives of their owners in many instances. 


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