Benefits of Using the GSM Cellular Phone

By definition, a GSM Cellular Phone is only a cell phone that uses a certain type of transmission method, i.e. Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication. Though this method was known earlier, it had been first applied on a commercial basis only in 1991. Today, the majority of cell phones all over the world use the GSM.

Since the GSM uses the TDMA digital technology, it is possible to have up to three voices in one slot as compared to the analog cell phones where only one voice could go into one slot. The GSM technology can do so since it uses digital compression along with its in-built encryption feature. Hence, even if the space used is the same, there is more usage capacity.

There are many advantages in using the GSM Cellular Phone for which it owes its awesome global popularity. Some of the most outstanding benefits are enumerated below:

1. You can use a SIM card – the Subscriber Identification Module or the SIM card can give one a lot of freedom. You can collect all type of data on this chip and then use it in any other mobile set as and when you change it. The other types of sets do not allow you this freedom.

2. Exceptional sound quality – since the GSM Cellular Phone uses digital technology, it is possible to filter out all the unnecessary background sounds leaving the voice clear and loud for excellent communication.

3. High security – the GSM Cellular Phone comes with in built security that no other telephone system offers without a specific request. Hence, you are assured that your conversation is secure and safe anytime, anywhere at no extra cost.

International Options

4. It offers international roaming ability – the GSM Cellular Phone can easily connect and relate to other international digital providers and hence provide you with the freedom of using your cell phone even when you travel internationally. Though the calls are slightly more expensive, subscribers are happy to use this facility since it is difficult to inform everybody of their new numbers as and when they travel.

5. Longer talk time – the digital technology allows for much longer talk time since the battery is used in the best possible manner. This is further enhanced by the fact one can handle more than one call at a time.

6. Added features to the GSM Cellular Phone – with this type of cell phone you can integrate MP3, camera, FM Radio etc. making the phone an entertainment gadget besides the useful accessory that it is.


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