Cellular Phone Battery:  Some Common Problems and Solutions

The Importance of the Cellular Phone Battery

The battery of your cellular phone is arguably the most important part of all.  Many people don’t even realize that the battery is what gives the cellular phone its name, because of the cellular nature in which the battery stores power.  Aside from the differences in connections and the fact that its wireless, the long-lasting and efficient battery is what primarily sets a cellular phone apart from a regular cordless phone.  So if you are experiencing problems with your cellular phone battery, you must take them seriously or you are soon going to find yourself without a working cell phone.

Problem:  Your Cellular Phone Battery Won’t Stay in Place

Most cellular phones are not built so that the cellular phone battery stays in place on its own.  That is to say that the battery is held loosely and relies on the plastic backing to hold it in place.  This plastic backing does, however, have two or four clips that hold it securely in place.  If these clips break off, then you will have trouble keeping your battery in place, and when the battery falls out, the phone will automatically shut itself off.  This could cause you to miss calls and be a real headache. 

One solution would be to secure the backing in place with a rubber band or something similar.  This won’t look very good, though, and could interfere with using the phone.  You may get a new backing, but beware of no name brands because they can break again very easily.

Problem:  Your Cellular Phone Battery Won’t Charge When Plugged In

Make sure that you’re getting a good connection when you plug in your charger.  Make sure the wire is in tight.  If this still doesn’t work, you could gently clean any corrosion or obstructions from the connections on the ends of the wire and the phone.  If you still have trouble, consider finding a new charger for your phone.

Problem:  Your Cellular Phone Battery Doesn’t Stay Charged Long Enough

Unfortunately, this could be a sign of a fairly major problem.  If your battery doesn’t hold its charge, it may be getting worn out.  A little-known fact about cellular phone batteries is that they can only be charged and re-charged so many times before they start to wear out.  Use your phone while you still can, but begin to consider buying a new one, or a replacement battery.  Oftentimes you will find that a battery is as expensive as a new phone, and you should take this opportunity to get yourself and new and better phone.


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