Choosing a Cellular Phone Provider


There are several cellular phone providers in the United States alone, some of the most well known are Cingular, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, and Verizon.  Each of these companies will offer most of the same basic services such as call waiting, three-way-calling, voice mail, internet access via the hand set, text messaging, and address books.  Each company will likely also have a good variety of handsets themselves to choose from, both on line and at retail locations.


Cingular wireless is a cellular phone provider and is among the most popular in the nation; they offer competitive service plans, and the most up to date technology in hand sets.  Some of the unique Cingular calling plans features include free mobile to mobile calling, roll over minutes, nights and weekends that start at 7pm.  These can add a great value to a calling plan for the consumer, and make it easy to choose Cingular as a cellular phone provider.

Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel is a merger of companies that have turned into cellular phone provider superpower; they offer both the modern trends of Sprint, and the rugged practicality of Nextel to provide it’s users with superior variety.  Sprint and Nextel offer unique calling plan options like Sprint’s fair and flexible plan, Nextel’s unlimited incoming call minutes, and free nation wide long distance plans with no roaming charges. Additionally Sprint has the only all digital PCS network; and Nextel has a patented push to talk walkie-talkie capabilities that allow users to connect instantly.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular offers many familiar features such as unlimited calling to all U.S Cellular customers, free night and weekend calling, and unlimited “call me” minutes.  All of these services are available to its users for small additional monthly charges, and add value and ease to their varied line of products.  U.S. Cellular also has all the best technologies that the other service providers offer and some special items like the Blackberry and RAZR.


“Can you hear me now?”…”Good” Verizon is known to be America’s most trusted network, and the commercials are based on their actual network testers. These employees were required to travel the nation both in rural and urban areas to determine how well their service worked in various areas.  Verizon offers some exclusive plan options such as VCAST and VZ navigator; these Verizon exclusives are must haves for people who like to be at the cutting edge of technology.

Choosing a cellular phone provider deserves time and research. Factors that should be considered include the phones sets, the services provided, the prices for services, convenience of use, payment options, and how upgradeable their services are.  Following these guidelines can make deciding on a cellular phone provider easy.


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