Cingular Cellular Phones - America’s Most Reliable Network

Cingular Wireless advertises to have America’s most reliable network, and claim that Cingular cellular phones have the least amount of dropped calls.  This is based on actual testing of a broad range of customers and employee’s that test and retest their network to determine that it did in fact drop calls less than other networks.  This is just one of many reasons to choose a Cingular cellular phone.

Cingular Phones

Cingular cellular phones are available in all the most popular brands, models, colors, and features. A customer will always have the latest trends and technologies available to him.  Cingular has the highly sought RAZR available in the very popular pink color, as well as some super high tech models such as music phones, camera phones, and PDA devices.  They also have slider phones, flip phones, Bluetooth phones, and even more. It isn’t likely to find a company that offers a better selection of mobile devices than Cingular wireless offers.

Multimedia Options

Cingular cellular phones offer photo sharing, text messaging, instant messaging through popular providers like Yahoo and AOL, internet access via the handset itself, downloadable music and video (depending on model), plus all the familiar features one expects from a cellular phone; like caller ID, call waiting, three-way-calling, voice mail, address book, and even more.

Calling Plans

Cingular cellular phones have optional single or family plans at very competitive prices and with premier features.  Their single plans begin at 450 minutes and extend all the way to 6000 anytime minutes.  All Cingular cell phones qualify for unlimited mobile to mobile calling and most offer unlimited night and weekend calling.

Family plans begin with 700 minutes but are available with as many as 6000 minutes; both plans are shared minutes with up to five total users.  With in these family plans, each member can customize their Cingular cellular phone’s plan to their needs and wants, unlimited text messaging, unlimited internet access or no extra’s at all.  This ability to customize is also extended to warranty and additional service plans such as equipment replacement, roadside assistance, and other services which some members of the family plan may want independent of the others.

Cingular Wireless Cellular Phones

Cingular cell phones are easy to choose, easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to keep; they give their users all the services they want with a value they can trust.  Cingular cell phones are great for families, and individuals. Cingular’s plans are economical and practical for every user and even for business.  Anyone who is unhappy with their current wireless provider would benefit from switching to Cingular wireless for their cell phone needs.


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