Download Ring Tones for Your Alltel Cellular Phone

Alltel is huge telephone company in the United States with over 15 million subscribers. The Allied Telephone Company with its headquarters in Riverdale, Arkansas is the fifth largest telecommunication service company in the US. This company is highly successful because it provides tailor-made services for every region they function in – both in terms of cost and applications (features) making it feasible and worthwhile for both old and new subscribers.

The Alltel cellular phone comes with features specific to every region where it provides services. In this way, it reaches more and more customers since it offers what they want (which is cost efficient) rather than what the latest technology has to offer even if it is not pertaining to the day-to-day use of the common person.

Special Feature –Ring Tone Application

Young people today love music and hence, they are fascinated by the different ring tones, which also make their cell phones personalized. Hence, Alltel cellular phone comes with a highly endearing feature, i.e. one can download any type of ring tone they like directly to their phone.

The Alltel cellular phone comes with four types of ringtone applications, which are briefly described below:

1.  Real Tone Jukebox – In this application, Alltel provides more than 2000 latest tunes ready for downloading to your set. Besides the fact that these songs are chart busters, you have the privilege to change your ring tone as often as you want, whenever you want or as your mood dictates.

2. Ringster – this is another ring tone application that is made available for Alltel cellular phones. While, the Real Tone Jukebox provides the latest hit songs, the Ringster provides the tunes that are in fashion with the younger generation, i.e. rock and hip-hop music.

3. Modtones DJ – With this ringtone application you can download tunes as well as you can use the latest dance-music to transform your Alltel cellular phone into a mini iPod.

4. Sony Music Box – If you are among those people who love a healthy mix of classic and modern music, then you would do best to choose this type of ring tone application. Here, you can download to your Alltel cellular phone your favorite music from present and past and form your own collection of songs to play as you like.

The Alltel cellular phone has been a hot favorite among its subscribers mainly for its tailor-made features. The ring tone applications are one of the features, which have made it popular with all those who love music and enjoy downloading their favorite songs from the internet.


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