Families Need Family Cellular Phone Plans

Overview of Family Cellular Plans

Family wireless plans often offer low rates for the basic plan, a low additional monthly fee each additional line and free calling between users on the same family plan.  From the basic plan, the first line, there is often a set number of minutes, each additional line must share those same anytime minutes. Most companies also offer lots of free minutes during evenings (start times vary, but usually begin about 7pm) and free minutes on weekends too. 

Stick With Your Current Wireless Provider

Unless your current provider doesn’t offer a family cellular phone plan, there is probably no real reason to change service providers; generally speaking they all offer the same plans and about the same prices.  Some companies even offer premium services at a discounted rate, to customers which choose to upgrade their calling plans. Some of these premium services include text messaging, internet access (via the handset) and other company specific extras. 

Phones for Everyone Could be Expensive

Many companies offer free or discounted phones with the addition of each line on a family cellular phone plans; each additional line usually has a low monthly set fee and services may be turned on or off any particular device independent of the other devices on the same plan.  Depending on the company, family cellular phone plans can even give additional minutes at a set flat rate, to prevent huge overage charges, or community usage of leftover minutes from months previous.

Who Needs a Family Cellular Phone Plan?

People who speak to each other frequently can really benefit from family cellular phone plan; the best thing about these plans is that the people don’t even have to live in the same state to use a family cellular phone plan; they do however have to use a local number to the main subscriber most of the time.

A person with grown children that wanted to keep in touch with them while they are away to college or starting their own families can share a plan and minutes and pay only the low monthly fee for each line.  The users may all enjoy the features that each particular company offers, such as online bill pay or others independent of one another.

For families that are always on the go or couples, family cellular phone plans can save a lot of money, by reducing over all minute usage on a plan; families and couples usually speak to each other most often. For a simple and economical way for families of all varieties to keep in touch, family cellular phone plans are the best way to go.


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