How Can You Get the Best Cellular Phone In the Market?

When you are shopping for a cell phone, it makes sense to look for the best possible set available. Before we go into details, we need to find out what we understand by the ‘best cellular phone’. There could be many interpretations of this phrase. It could be the phone, which has the most features (and is the most expensive); it could be the phone which looks the best; it could be the phone with gives the most for the least cost, and so on.

However, in many people’s dictionaries, best would mean that cell phone which gives the most features for the least amount of money or has the best value.

Basic Properties of the Best Cellular Phone

Anything that offers you value for your money can be labeled as a best buy. Similarly, the best cellular phone will be one that offers you the most for the least possible outlay. With the advancement of technology, many manufacturers have come out with exceptionally economical mobile phone sets. When you are looking for the best, you should watch for the following properties:

1. Design of the cell phone – the phone should be sleek and have contemporary design. Often the lower the cost, the more unattractive the design is. A good cell phone will offer you an excellent range of designs, even at a competitive price.

2.  Features of the cell phone – you might not have all the features that are presently offered in the market; however, the minimum required facilities should be excellent, i.e. sound, imaging, number of calls recorded, capacity of forwarding, keeping on hold, downloading, using the internet, etc

3. The screen size – often the cut in price means cut in the basics of the cell phone. The best cellular phone would be competitively priced, while offering a normal size screen. The screen should be sufficient for you to read your messages and phone numbers comfortably.

4. Compatibility with other gadgets - even if the phone might not have all the features that advanced technology provides, it should be compatible with all modern gadgets so connectivity can be set up; for example, Bluetooth, internet, etc.

5. Good reception – the best cellular phone will provide clear reception in the normal ranges as any other expensive sets. Often the cheap cell phones need booster antennas because their reception is poor.

In short, the best cellular phone would be that which gives you the best possible bargain without compromising on the basic features that a standard mobile phone offers today. Any compromise in the features of the phone would make it inferior to the standard sets, and hence, unacceptable. You will have a good buy only when you get more for less – which is very possible provided you take the trouble to shop around.


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