Nextel Cellular Phones – After the Merger with Sprint

The Nextel Cellular Phone Company now works in conjunction with Sprint. Sprint went after the business hard in the 80s when phone companies were deregulated. They found a niche for themselves and became a viable force in telecommunications. Nextel was founded in 1987 and moved forward with aggressive maneuvering. In 2005 the two giants combined to form Sprint Nextel. Together they provide a multitude of services. Nextel combined with Sprint offers a variety of cellular phones.

Sprint Nextel cellular phones are cutting edge providing the services both companies were known for. On the market are a variety of Nextel cellular phones that meet the demands of today’s technology consumers. Whether you want to simply talk, text message, page, download the internet or watch movies there are phones available to suit your needs. With the multiple of plans and options available you can customize your plan and your phone to suit your desires. Nextel cellular phones are designed to be cutting edge on the electronics market.

Nextel i670

One of the more exciting Nextel cellular phones is the Nextel i670. This dynamic phone has a lot of features for a reasonable price. One of the key features of this phone is that it can be used as a walkie talkie. It has multi media messaging and can be used to play games and down load music. In addition this Nextel cellular phone is web and email ready. It has a vibrate mode to alert you of incoming calls. Classic and sharp in looks this Nextel cellular phone is a wonderful tool for your communication needs.

The next model of Nextel cellular phone is the Nextel i205 which is similar to the i670. Many businesses can utilize the walkie talkie feature of these phones. Also that feature makes it great for families or young adults especially on vacations or at school. These are only a few of the new models of Nextel phones. In addition Sprint Nextel is a service provider for your personal and business needs. In working with them you can choose your phone and accessories as well as customize the service plan that works for you or your business. Consider the options of quality products and unique service when looking at the Nextel Cellular phones.

There is a Nextel Cellular phone available to suit your needs. As usual, research all the information available when making your choice. Ask others what they have found with the product and the customer service. However, usually the service and quality of the Nextel cellular phone speaks for itself.


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