T Mobile Cellular Phones Offered to New Customers

The Motorola PEBL

One popular T Mobile cellular phone is the Motorola PEBL.  It is available in black, blue, green and orange.  It has a sleek small design and is unique for its rounded look.  It offers Bluetooth technology and a 4x digital zoom camera.  It is currently among the phones that are offered free to new service subscribers.  This is a serious deal, because the PEBL is an excellent phone to meet your needs as well as impress your friends.  The PEBL is truly on the cutting edge of T Mobile cellular phone technology.

The Samsung t619

The Samsung t619 is a handsome little T Mobile cellular phone that can also be purchased for free with certain ones of T Mobile’s discount offers.  It offers a sleek lightweight design with an attractive black and silver color scheme.  It offers Bluetooth wireless technology and the capability to connect with several various instant messaging services such as Yahoo! and AOL. 

It is a camera phone with a surprising powerful camera offering video capture.  It offers all of the standard helpful features on most cell phones, such as an alarm clock and handy calculator.  It is the ideal phone to meet the cellular phone needs of the type of person who isn’t terribly concerned with having the trendiest and most popular T Mobile cellular phone.

The T Mobile Sidekick 3

The T Mobile cellular phone that may just be the greatest of them all is the T Mobile Sidekick 3, the jewel in the crown of T Mobile cellular phones.  With its attractive sideways design, it looks more advanced than almost any other phone on the market today.  It offers a digital camera, a large full-color viewing screen, and a full QWERTY keyboard.  The Sidekick 3 also boasts real HTML web browsing – not just the extremely low resolution, watered-down version of the internet that you see on other cell phones. 

This cellular phone also offers a built-in mp3 player and available custom skins and other accessories.  Perhaps the best thing about the T Mobile Sidekick 3 is that it is exclusive to T Mobile.  No other cell phone company will ever offer this wonderful phone, so if you are seeking a cell phone company and would like to get the best phone available, consider T Mobile and this very special T Mobile cellular phone.


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