The Pros and Cons of Cellular Phone Services

So, you have decided to purchase a new cellular phone. Now you must choose from a variety of cellular phone services that are available to you. Before you choose a cellular phone service, be sure that you know the pros and cons of each one.

About Cellular Phone Services

In order to select the right cellular phone service, you must first know what a cellular phone service entails. A cellular phone service is a company that provides the connection means for you to receive and make calls.

Let us take, for example, the Verizon cellular phone service, which is among the most popular cellular phone services available. In order to provide good reception, the signal must be transmitted from a signal tower. If there is no Verizon signal tower nearby, then you will get less or no reception.

Many people mistake cellular phone services for cellular phone plans. Cellular phone plans include things like the amount of calling minutes you want each month, and whether or not you want added features like internet access and text messaging.

When it comes to selecting the cellular phone service that is right for you, it all really comes down to two things: reliability and price. For example, if you see several service provider commercials that are always on television, take a moment to write down each provider’s rates and then compare them.

Often, providers will give what looks like a great deal on television, but is actually a deal with a catch. For example, some will say that they give unlimited minutes for a monthly fee, but they do not mention that they will charge roaming fees for if you make a national call.

Many providers offer unlimited night and weekend minutes, which is great for someone who likes to make phone calls after 9 at night. However, what if you are a business person and you need to make cal from your cell phone during the day? Make sure that you choose a provider that fits your schedule for business calls.

Also, take into consideration who you will be calling. Will it be just locally/within your state, nationally, or internationally? While more and more providers have plans for each category, there are some that do not. So, with the proper research, as well as clearly knowing what phone services you want, you are sure to find the right cellular phone service.


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