The Superior Value in Sprint Cellular Phones

Sprint Cellular Phones have Easy to Buy Packages

Sprint Nextel Wireless offers a terrific value in monthly plans, varieties of mobile devices. With the addition of the rugged yet modern Nextel phones and additional plans, Sprint offers a superior value to other companies. Sprint offers competitive service packages including free call me minutes, fair and flexible plans, and earlier night and weekend minutes; plus they offer a superior selection of hand held devices from both their Nextel and Sprint cellular phones.

Sprint Nextel Merger

In 2005 Sprint merged with Nextel wireless; creating Sprint Nextel.  This is a tremendous advantage to the consumer as the companies have combined the best services of both to create a cellular superpower.  Sprint purchased Nextel for $35 billion, and both companies emerged stronger than ever; and service over 51 million people.

Sprint Handheld Mobile Devices

Sprint cellular phones are available from all major manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Motorola, and more.  Sprint cellular phones also offer some of the most popular calling plans in the business with their fair and flexible plans; fair and flexible plans allow the consumer to prepay a certain number of anytime minutes, and if the consumer occasionally goes over that amount of minutes, Sprint automatically offers 30 additional minutes for a reasonable set fee up to 300 minutes, then a low per minute fee after that. 

Nextel by Sprint

Sprint cellular phones by way of Nextel offer their own line of phones and services; Nextel phones tend to have a rugged design that would seem to handle abuse better than the more trendy models, and would be ideally suited for business phones. Another reason that Sprint cellular phones by Nextel are ideal for business is their walkie/talkie feature which allows people to talk instantly from their device address book at the push of a button.

Choose a Sprint Cellular Phone

Sprint offers all the latest technology with their products and services; their exclusive all-digital network offers superior sound quality to many other cellular providers.  Sprint cellular phones also provide nation wide long distance with no roaming charges, and many calling plans in which the free calling begins at 7pm (in the local time zone).  All of these features, selection of devices, and selection of service plans, partnership with Nextel wireless, and the one of a kind wireless network make a Sprint cellular phone easy to buy.


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