Trendy Pink Cellular Phones

The Thrill of Pink

The latest trend of 2006 in cell phones was colored mobile devices; the most popular of these were the pink cell phones. Pink has all kinds of symbolism from girly chic to breast cancer awareness; people have all kinds of reasons for choosing pink cell phones.  There are generally two varieties of pink cell phones, those with the entire handset being pink (save for the screen and maybe buttons), or cell phones with changeable face plates that allow for any color or design one wishes to purchase.

Major Retailers

The nation’s largest cell phone service providers all have at least one model of pink cellular phone; the difference from provider to provider is the brand which they carry the pink phones in.  Providers may carry their own unique model of pink cell phone, or a unique shade of pink to set their cellular phones apart from the others.  Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, and T-mobile each carry one or more variety of pink cellular phone.  Not too surprisingly Nextel doesn’t offer pink cellular phones, as they are usually used by businesses and need to be durable not trendy.

Sprint’s Offerings

Sprint has three pink cell phones available, all by Sanyo; the SCP-2400 in misty rose, the SP 3100 in pink, and the Katana in Cherry Blossom Pink.  The SPC-2400 is the most basic of the three, it is a flip phone, has a color screen, internet and text capabilities, and all the other basic features one would expect from a Sprint cellular phone. 

The SP-3100 is a bit more sophisticated; it is a flip phone, has a colored screen, internet and text capabilities, plus it is a camera phone for capturing memories on the go.  The newest of the three, the Katana is a camera flip phone with Bluetooth wireless capabilities, Bluetooth technology is superior to all other wireless technology because it is more powerful and will work reliably across larger distances with more obstacles. 

Cingular’s Offerings

Cingular has one of the largest selection of pink cell phones, all by Motorola; the L2 in pink, the RAZR V3 in pink, and SLVR L7 with iTunes in pink.  The L2 is a Bluetooth wireless phone with multimedia capabilities and a color screen.  The RAZR V3 is an ultra sleek multimedia camera flip phone; this phone offers all of the fun features one would expect from a cellular phone such as games and customizable ring tones.  The SLVR L7 with iTunes, is the ultimate cell phone, it offers Bluetooth technology, the ability to download and store 100 apple iTunes songs, is a camera phone, is ultra slim, plus has all the multi media capabilities one would expect from Cingular wireless.

Verizon and T-Mobile’s Offerings

Verizon offers the Motorola RAZR V3m; it is an ultra sleek camera phone with Bluetooth technology, vcast capabilities, and streaming media capabilities in addition to all of the basic multimedia capabilities Verizon wireless offers.  T-mobile’s pink cell phone is the Motorola RAZR V3 in Magenta; is a super slim digital camera phone, with Bluetooth wireless technology and multimedia capabilities, all in eye popping magenta.

Go Pink!

Pink cell phones are fun, interesting, and still offer all the features anyone could ever want in a hand held wireless device, every major company offers at least one, and they are available from well known manufactures.  Pink cell phones will be here to stay.


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