U.S. Cellular Phones and Services

U.S. Cellular Phone Makes and Models

U.S. Cellular Phones are available from major manufacturers with trusted names like Motorola, LG, Samsung, and Nokia; with some of the most popular styles like the RAZR and Blackberry mobile devices.  Moreover they also feature “speed talk”, with a Kyocera KX-440 two U.S. Cellular users can talk instantly with this type of phone.

U.S Cellular Featured Services

U.S. Cellular phones offer competitive communication services such as internet, voicemail, text messaging, and land line services like call waiting and three-way-calling. U.S. Cellular phones also offer competitive calling plan options such as family plans, free night and weekend calling, and unlimited “call me” minutes.  Phones with cameras can also enjoy photo messaging in addition to the other online services available.

Night and weekend minutes generally begin at 9 pm for the local time zone, however U.S Cellular phone customers may choose an upgraded plan for an additional $6-$8 which will allow the user to begin making unlimited calls at 7pm among the features that this additional cost provides.  Unlimited “call me” minutes are a neat feature that also carries a small additional monthly charge, which allows it’s customers to receive unlimited incoming calls to their U.S. Cellular phone any time, that never user their anytime minutes.

Additional Optional Services

U.S. Cellular phones also have options for mobile to mobile, this will allow U.S. Cellular users to talk to one another with out using any of their plan minutes regardless of time of day.  This service also costs a small additional monthly reoccurring fee; but for someone with a lot of friends and family which all use U.S Cellular phones, it could really be of great value.

Family plans offered for U.S. Cellular phones will allow it’s users to all speak to each other with out using any plan minutes regardless of the time or day; also it will allow each member of the family plan service to customize their phone with the features they are most interested in, such as mobile to minute or a national calling plan.  Family calling plans do require all users to share the base minutes of the plan, however since most families talk to each other the most, there is a great value in bundling services in this way; allows customers to “share their minutes, not their phone”

Choosing U.S. Cellular

Choosing U.S. Cellular phones for mobile phone needs are a wise and simple choice; U.S. Cellular offers competitive plans, phones, and services for its customers.  If someone wanted to keep his or her existing phone number U.S. Cellular can utilize the same phone number that is currently being used.  Trying U.S. Cellular can be a great benefit and value to the consumer.


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