Verizon Cellular Phones - Can You Hear Me Now?

Verizon Exclusives

Verizon cellular phones offer a variety of features which are exclusive to Verizon Wireless; features such as VCAST and VZ navigator services.  VCAST allows a user to view television or music from their Verizon cellular phone instantly and anywhere.  The VZ navigator uses the phone’s built in GPS system to give turn by turn directions to the user in most locations. 

Verizon Phones

Verizon cell phones share the same brands as many other cellular service providers, Verizon however offers superior wireless capabilities with its multimedia devices than many other companies.  Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung are just a few of the well known brands that can support Verizon’s network.  All of their phones are able to provide internet access, customizable ring tones, games, phonebooks, voicemail, and many other premium features.

Verizon Service

Verizon wireless offers many service options for a Verizon cellular phone, both individual and family calling plans.  Verizon provides individual plans begin at 450 minutes, and can be expanded up to 6000 minutes per month, with unlimited night and weekend minutes.  Verizon wireless family plans start with 700 minutes and will expand to 6000 minutes per month; also with unlimited night and weekend minutes and a low per minute charge after the initial shared minutes have been used.  Both plans offer Verizon’s IN network service, which allows all members of any Verizon wireless plan to speak free; and all night minutes begin at 9pm in the local time zone.

Family Plans

Family plans allow all users on one account to use their Verizon cellular phones for one low monthly fee and to add additional lines as needed.  Each additional line on a plan will raise the monthly bill by about ten dollars, and each member of the plan must share the minutes.  Because Verizon cellular phones allow free in network calling anytime minutes probably won’t be much of an issue for most families.  Each member of a family plan need not necessarily live together; members on an account simply need to have the same local area code.

Verizon’s Network

Verizon cellular phones have great coverage in most areas, and Verizon wireless has tested their network extensively; in areas where their network was shown to be weak or lacking they invested over 35 billion dollars back into their network to keep it strong and dependable.  The guy in their commercials “Can you hear me now?” was actually inspired by the networks team of actual testers that traveled the nation recording data on how well the Verizon cellular phones were able to make calls and access the internet from different areas both urban and rural.

Making the Switch

For customers which are not currently subscribing to Verizon cell phone services making the switch is easy to do, Verizon allows new customers to keep their existing number, plus they offer many of the same (or better) multimedia features as other cellular companies do. Verizon cellular phones are also available in a variety of styles with features to attract any customer from the basic talk and data phones to the top of the line video/music/camera ultra thin super texting phones, Verizon has them all.


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