Why Buy an Unlocked Cell Phone?

Unlocked Cell Phones, for Those with a Fear of Commitment

Unlocked refers to the SIM card; an unlocked cell phone doesn’t have a fixed service plan or a fixed network it can be operated from.  This means that one is just purchasing the phone not a service plan or signing up with a cellular service provider.  This is a nice option for people who don’t want to purchase a phone/service plan combination or that want a certain phone that they are unable to purchase from a retailer for their cellular service company.

Why Aren’t Cell Phones Unlocked in the First Place?

To guarantee a customer stays with a particular service provider all cellular service providing companies electronically lock their cell phones, to ensure they may only be used with their network.  This is done with the SIM card which stores all the phones customized information, when it connects to the provider’s network, the SIM card is sent an electronic signal which prevents another provider’s network from accessing the card; this is where roaming charges come from, one company charging another to use it’s service towers.

How Can One Unlock a Cell Phone?

There are ways to unlock a cellular phone by entering a particular code which will remove the electronic lock placed on it.  There are companies which sell this information on the internet; these companies will research the phone figure out its SIM card’s code and send it to the end user to unlock their phone to use with another service provider.  This could be very helpful to a person who travels frequently for work or pleasure, as it may reduce roaming charges; unlocked cell phones may connect to any network.

Sometimes Unlocking a Cell Phone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Unlocking a cellular phone doesn’t guarantee that the phone will work with all networks, the only way to guarantee an unlocked cell phone will work is to purchase it new from a third party dealer.  Alternately if one were to choose to unlock an existing cell phone their first choice should be to ask their provider to unlock it. The reason for this is simple, because there is no “hacking” into the phones memory or dealing with a third party vendor that little is known about, going directly to the company is probably a safer route.

An Unlocked Cell Phone May Not Be for Everyone

The largest downfall and deterrent from purchasing an unlocked cell phone from a third party vendor is the price tag; the cost for an unlocked cell phone is nearly the manufacturers suggested retail price.  For this reason many people choose to purchase a cell phone/service plan combination package which will give the person the phone free or nearly free, when they sign a user agreement.


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