A Few Different Bodybuilding Techniques To Help Improve The Physique

A number of different bodybuilding techniques can be used to improve the physique and these include negatives, drop sets, pyramids, giant steps, twenty-ones, partial reps, and forced reps, each of which are superb techniques to be used according to requirements. In case one wants to work the chest and triceps, one could use a pyramid set for the triceps and also perform negatives, and such a variety would allow the muscles to get adapted to the workout and not stagnate.

Negatives, Drop Sets And More

To perform negatives, one should utilize weights that are beyond one’s lifting capability and lift from the end of the rep and then slowly reduce the weights. With the right poundage, one should be able to lower the weight in a few seconds and get on with the decline. On the other hand, drop sets are a nice way to finish up a workout for specific muscles as one can get a pumped-up feeling in the muscles when one uses such a bodybuilding technique. They are easy to perform and exercising with a high weight once or twice is useful, before gradually reducing the weight and repeating till one cannot do any more. Performed correctly, one can shave off five to ten pounds in double quick time.

Giant sets are a bodybuilding technique that enables the exerciser to perform a workout for a single muscle group. Except for the back, it can be done for every muscle in the human body due to the fact that a giant set is a bodybuilding technique that essentially consists of three exercises performed successively for a specific muscle. If one is using biceps barbell curls, reverse curls and hammer curls for one’s exercise, it would be possible to do ten reps of eighty pounds for barbell curls, ten reps of thirty pounds for reverse curls and ten reps of forty pounds for hammer curls, and these should be done in the order of barbell, hammer and reverse curls to get best results.

Twenty-ones is a bodybuilding technique that works every part of a muscle instead of one range such as the middle range. The rep’s full range is one that consists of from a completely extended position to a completely contracted position, and using the bicep curl for an example, and to get best possible results, the low range of the rep would entail fully extending the arm with elbow locked straight while the high range would require having the bicep fully contracted keeping the hand as close to the shoulder as possible.

The other bodybuilding techniques are partial reps, forced reps and super sets that are instrumental in exercising particular range of muscles, completely tiring out the muscle fibers, and working two separate muscle groups respectively. One can use any one of the different bodybuilding techniques and vary them depending on the day, and each one is wonderful way of exercising particular muscle groups.


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