Add a Touch of Romance to Your Wardrobe with Indian Fashion

Every country has a unique culture around which the fashion usually revolves. Fashion changes every year but classics that are part of the history and tradition never will; in fact they become even more sought after as the years go by to bring back the charm and elegance of history. Therefore, ever so often you will see that the long gone styles will be featured as a come back when in fact they had never gone away in the first place!

Tradition, Style and Elegance

Indian fashion has a bit of all the above ingredients and more with different types of costumes that have come down through history to be still enjoyed and worn today. Sari is one of the oldest costume in Indian fashion, it is formed out of one piece of cloth measuring approximately five and half meters long and can be made from a variety of materials from pure silk to pure cotton.

These five and half meters of continuous cloth is skillfully wrapped around to form one of the most sensual and romantic costumes there ever was. The reason why this particular costume from the Indian fashion did not catch on around the world is that it is difficult to wear gracefully by those who are not used to it. Saris are worn by girls in their teens and women of all age groups even today.

The other Indian fashion piece that has been adopted around the world especially over the last few decades is the Punjabi suit, which is basically made out of a loose fitted pant with a very long dress like blouse over it that bears slits from both sides to allow easy walking. Girls and women alike find these clothes, also known as shalwar qameez very comfortable.

Indian Fashion Today

Indian fashion today has changed a great deal by adopting features from around the world. However, they have always ensured to complete a style with a traditional touch such as, an Indian scarf, bangles or the traditional tikka or bindi (the dot that is placed on the forehead between the eyebrows usually in different types of colors to match the clothes).

Around the world, Indian fashion is enjoyed by women and girls who can also add to their style and personality by integrating an Indian blouse, scarf or other accessories. Indian fashion, with its vivid colors and rich textures has a special mystique to it and it brings out romance in whoever wears it.

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