• The Psychedelic 60s Fashion
    The 1960s were a very interesting time period that saw the advent of many new styles and elements of 60s fashion. Many of these styles have been revived today, and can be seen as influences in modern fashions.

  • How to Dress in 70s Fashion
    With each decade, comes a new fashion; however a prominent fashion era is that of the 1970s. The most popular element of 70s fashion is one that is still in motion today. It is the punk movement that was started by Vivienne Westwood.

  • Remembering 80s Fashion
    When you think about the 80s, what comes to mind? The Brat Pack movies, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and hair bands are a given, but there is something that stands out from all the rest when it comes to 80s popular culture, and that is 80s fashion.

  • The Impact of Newfound Freedom on 1920s Fashion
    The 1920s were an amazing time of change and progress. World War I had just ended, and America was entering an extremely prosperous time period. The stock market boomed, new forms of music and dance became popular, and women finally gained the right to vote.

  • Beyond the Poodle Skirt—1950s Fashion
    Fashion has changed so much over the years, and the 1950s were no exception. 1950s fashion brought an incredibly diverse group of elements together to form a distinct style that is still examined and replicated today.

  • The Latest Boots Fashion
    With the winter months upon us, it is no surprise that many are trading their stilettos for warm boots. Just because you are trading your shoes for something with more support and warmth, does not mean you have to sacrifice fashion.

  • Where to Find the Latest in Clothes Fashion
    In today’s times, it seems like it is more important what we wear on our body than what we know or can do. There are hundreds of sites, shows, books, and magazines all devoted to looking good.

  • The Latest of Express Fashion
    Express fashion is all about fashion for men and women. They focus on a great fit with sleek styles. Express fashion offers a great line of professional wear as well as great looking weekend wear.

  • Famous Movie Fashions
    Fashion, no matter what decade, is a mainstream of popular culture. Wherever you go there is some sort of fashion being displayed, whether it is in a store window, or in what those around you are wearing. It is even an integral part of the media, which is more than evidenced by some famous movie fashions.

  • The Latest Fashion Accessory
    Finding the right fashion accessory is essential because it can make or break an outfit. Also finding the right accessory can take a boring outfit to one that is extremely fabulous and uniquely your own.

  • Fashion Bug: A Popular Store for the Everyday Woman
    Fashion Bug is a store that caters to women and teenagers of all sizes, although they are catering more towards plus size women now. There is a chain of Fashion Bug stores across the United States, and more and more women are finding that this is a fun place to shop.

  • Oh, the Things You Can Be—Pursuing a Fashion Career
    Did you play dress-ups as a tot? Did you like to sew as a kid? When you were a teen, was shopping your escape? If you like to do all of these things, then you should consider pursuing a fashion career.

  • A Worthwhile Career: Fashion Design
    Thanks to shows such as Project Runway, more and more people are starting to think about fashion design as a career. You are a creative person who has always been interested in fashion, and are thinking about pursuing a career in fashion design.

  • Pursuing a Higher Education—Choosing a Fashion Design School
    If you are interested in fashion, there is no better place to go than fashion design school There are so many different degrees that you can possibly get, and so many different schools to choose from. When you are trying to choose a fashion design school, there are several factors you should look at.

  • How to Become a Fashion Designer
    Not everyone is born with flawless skin and a perfect waist. Because of this, not everyone can be a fashion model. However, many people are still utterly obsessed with fashion. They spend all their free time reading fashion magazines and watching fashion shows. Their idols are not beautiful people like Tyra Banks or Kate Moss, but the people behind the models: the fashion designers.

  • The Right Fashion Drawing Makes All the Difference
    You love fashion and you love to draw, so it only makes sense that a hobby of yours is drawing fashion sketches. However, you think that perhaps your fashion drawings could be good enough to turn into your own fashion line. How can you tell if your fashion drawings are marketable?

  • Fashion Parties Mean Fun Fashion Games
    With society becoming more and more fast-paced, it only makes sense that you would want to relax and have a fun party with you closest friends. Themed parties have been around for years, so why not add one more to the list with a fashion party? Now, if you choose to have a fashion party, then of course you will have to have some fashion games.

  • Why Fashion History is Quite Interesting
    Whether you are a man or a woman, you no doubt try to look your best at any given time, and that is where fashion comes in. When you go to a mall or a boutique, do you ever stop to consider fashion history?

  • What Makes a Fashion Icon?
    Fashion is made by expressions and is meant to help people express themselves while wearing it. Therefore choose your clothes carefully and not just to be in style with the latest fashion trend. Here are a few tips and suggestions that will hopefully help you pick and choose your clothes to enhance your personality and style.

  • How to Get Your Fashion Illustration Seen
    Are you an inspiring fashion illustrator? Have you drawn several or even just one great fashion illustration that you wish a star would wear? Getting your fashion illustration seen may not be as hard as you think. It will take some time, patience, work, possibly some rejection, and knowing the right people.

  • The Best Places to Find Fashion Jewelry
    Fashion jewelry is great to add any sparkle to any outfit. With a simple necklace, jeans can go from weekend to nice dinner out. Fashion jewelry is actually the important part of the outfit. Think of it as the frosting on the cake.

  • How to Start Your Own Fashion Magazine
    Two of your favorite things are fashion and writing. While you could take the traditional route and intern for a fashion magazine like Elle or Vogue, why not try something different and start your own fashion magazine as a hobby?

  • How to Get Into Fashion Merchandising
    Do you consider yourself a fashion guru? Can you walk into any store, even if they are ten years outdated, and pick out a fabulous outfit for anyone? Do friends constantly bug you to borrow your stuff or to give them fashion advice?

  • How to Become a Fashion Model
    The job of a fashion model looks like a glamorous one. You live in the life of beauty, have money thrown at you for just looking great, and people idolize your looks and talent. Many girls and boys alike, dream of one day living the life of a fashion model. However, the job is not as easy as it looks.

  • Through The Lens of a Fashion Photographer
    You might love everything about fashion, from the clothes and gorgeous dresses, to the quirky designers, to the models and celebrities that model the clothes—let’s face it, the fashion industry is one of the most exciting industries out there.

  • How to Get Into Fashion Photography
    The first pick for those who spend countless hours studying the glossy pages of fashion magazines would probably be a model. However, not everyone is a size zero with perfect skin. So instead of trying to force yourself to be a model, why not try a different job in fashion.

  • Should You Go to Fashion School?
    Do you dream of a career in fashion? Do you read your fashion magazines religiously? Well the best place to start a career in fashion would be to get a degree in a fashion school.

  • The Benefits of Going to a Fashion Show
    Some people’s idea of a great time are having a party, others love to just be by themselves and watch the latest movie or read a book they have been meaning to read. Yet, for others, their idea of fun is going to a fashion show.

  • How to Choose Your Fashion Style
    Fashion is a mode of expressing yourself through clothes. Clothes often represent a particular style or era and every year fashion designers try to add and create new trends that can represent the present time of the year and hopefully make a mark in history forever.

  • How to Start a Fashion Trend
    Fashion trends come and go. One day all the rave is about pink and the next day, just because a celebrity wears black, everyone else starts to wear black. Many people follow a fashion trend in accordance to if their favorite celebrity is wearing it.

  • An Excellent Example of Fashion TV: Project Runway
    Television and fashion are two integral parts of popular culture. So, it comes as no surprise that fashion TV is becoming part of society as well. When it comes to fashion TV, no show is more popular than Project Runway.

  • Take a Bite of the Apple: New York Fashion Week
    For all of you fashionists out there, you may be wondering what exactly New York fashion week is. Well, New York fashion week is a week-long event that was started on the 7th of June in 1993 and it is currently sponsored by Olympus.

  • Keeping Up with Trends in Girls Fashion
    Fashion is one of the most important things to girls, especially if you are in your teens and in college where everyone wears and talks about latest trends and styles everyday. Here are a few tips and suggestions on girl’s fashion, which may helps you keep up with the fashion trend year round.

  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – A History of Hair Fashion
    Hairstyles change so frequently that it is hard to keep up with what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out.’ And what’s more, with all of those celebrities cutting and dying their hair every few weeks, it’s hard to know how often an everyday person actually needs to change their style.

  • Add a Touch of Romance to Your Wardrobe with Indian Fashion
    Every country has a unique culture around which the fashion usually revolves. Fashion changes every year but classics that are part of the history and tradition never will; in fact they become even more sought after as the years go by to bring back the charm and elegance of history.

  • How Has Japanese Fashion Changed Along the Years?
    Fashion is an expression of the soul and culture therefore every country has a uniqueness that will reflect its traditions and history in one way or the other.

  • The Latest Mens Fashion
    Usually when one thinks of fashion, the first gender to come in mind is a woman. Women have dominated the fashion world since it really started to be come popular. Can you blame them? Men would rather be successful or watch a game, not spend the afternoon picking out designer clothes.

  • Finding Your Own Personal Style: A Guide to Teen Fashion
    Are you totally lost when it comes to teen fashion? There are so many different trends out there; it is hard to keep up. You may be having a hard time finding things that fit you right. Or maybe, your clothes are a mismatch of different styles with no distinct fashion coming through.

  • What Not to Wear—Your Guide to Winter Fashion
    “Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go…..” Whether you have a place to go or not, the winter fashion trends are here and it is very important to know all of the dos and don’ts of winter fashion.

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