An Excellent Example of Fashion TV: Project Runway

Television and fashion are two integral parts of popular culture. So, it comes as no surprise that fashion TV is becoming part of society as well. When it comes to fashion TV, no show is more popular than Project Runway.

Why Fashion TV and Project Runway Have Become So Popular

Everyone has a favorite kind of clothing that they wear, and so to see how clothing is conceived from a design to the finished product is something that people enjoy watching. Project Runway is an example of fashion tv that not only shows that, but their challenges are what make people want to watch it.

Project Runway is a fashion TV show that is produced by German supermodel Heidi Klum, who is also a judge on the show. In addition to Heidi Klum, there are two other regular judges: Nina Garcia, who is the fashion editor for Elle Magazine, and Michael Kors, who is a popular American fashion designer. There are also guest judges, for this fashion tv show, who in the past have include people like Vera Wang, and Nicky Hilton. Tim Gunn from Parsons the New School of Design, is the mentor for the contestants.

The object of the Project Runway fashion TV show is to discover the next greatest designer. Prizes that winners have gotten have included internships with prestigious fashion companies such as Banana Republic, money to start their own line, and a brand new car. Additionally, the finalists have gotten to show their collections at Olympus Fashion Week.

There are usually sixteen contestants, who every week must impress the judges by successfully completing a design challenge within an allotted amount of time. When the time is up, they and their models must present the designs in a runway show. The model of the contestant who win in the season finale of Project Runway has gotten a fashion spread in Elle Magazine.

Not only is Project Runway good fashion TV, it is also good reality TV. Every season sees some new drama that arises between the contestants. Contestants have accused other contestants of cheating, and there is always that tension that arises as to whether or not certain contestants can complete their designs on time.

The American version of Project Runway airs on the Bravo channel, and in case you have missed it there are often reruns of the show’s past seasons. If you are interested in seeing some great fashion TV, Project Runway is an excellent choice.

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