Famous Movie Fashions

Fashion, no matter what decade, is a mainstream of popular culture. Wherever you go there is some sort of fashion being displayed, whether it is in a store window, or in what those around you are wearing. It is even an integral part of the media, which is more than evidenced by some famous movie fashions.

Gone With the Wind

This 1939 epic movie about a Southern Belle during the Civil War had two particular memorable costumes that are forever part of period fashion history. One of these dresses was known for being beautiful, and the other dress was known for being comically bad.

The dress that was known for being a beautiful example of period fashion is seen at the very beginning of the movie, and is known as “The Barbecue Party Dress.” The bodice of this dress was made of organza with a floral print, and the low-plunging neckline was made of velveteen ribbon that curved up to the shoulders. The skirt was a hoop skirt, as was typical of the day.

The dress that was an example of comically bad period fashion was known as “The Curtain Dress.” In this part of the movie, the war has ravaged everything, and Scarlett O’Hara is in desperate need of money. She knows that Rhett Butler is being held at a prison nearby, and so she decides that she is going to ask him for money. She has no proper clothes to wear, so she decides to make some from green velvet curtains. The result is a disheveled dress, complete with a gold tassel belt and hat.

My Fair Lady

In this classic movie, the dress that stood out from among was the fashion dress worn beautifully by Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, when Eliza is presented as a lady at the Ascot races. The dress, designed by Cecil Beaton, was a lovely form-fitting white lace dress, complete with black and white ribbons and a decoratively plumed hat. This fashion dress was auctioned off in 2004 for about $100,000.

Never Old

Gone With the Wind and My Fair Lady are two of the most popular movies of all time, and are just two examples of how fashion is often an important part of movies. The wonderful thing about movie fashion is that, no matter how many years pass, it never gets old. That is because the fashion is lived each and every time that someone sees one of these classic movies.

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