Fashion Parties Mean Fun Fashion Games

With society becoming more and more fast-paced, it only makes sense that you would want to relax and have a fun party with you closest friends. Themed parties have been around for years, so why not add one more to the list with a fashion party? Now, if you choose to have a fashion party, then of course you will have to have some fashion games.

Fashion Game Ideas

Before you even have the party and the fashion games, you should select some nice invitations. Of course, you could make your own too if you are really creative. For example, your invitations could be in the shape of a high-heeled shoe.

On the invitation, request that your guests come in their most fashionable attire. You can even go a step further and say that they have to come dressed as the celebrity that they think is the most fashionable. These will make the fashion games you plan to play even more fun.

Once the guests arrive, tell them that no fashion party would be complete without a fashion show, which can be a sort of fashion game. Have an area of your home decorated like a runway. When it comes to lights and music, you can put a spotlight (in the form of a flashlight or even just the main light of the room) on the model, and have a CD player ready with some fashionable music.

The object of this fashion game is to have your guests strut their stuff, while at the same time scoring each one on their outfit. The guest that gets the most votes wins, and should get a special prize, like a sash that says “Runway Winner.”

Another fashion game that you could play is “Dress Up.” This is, of course along the same idea as the game that you used to play when you were a little girl. For this game, have a bunch of clothes and accessories in a box in the middle of the room.

Have a timer, and give the guests 1 minute to find the accessories they think are the most fashionable and put them on. The person that comes up with the most complete look in the shortest amount of time wins.

These are just a few out of the many ideas that you could choose from when it comes to selecting  games for your fashion party. It all depends on how creative you and your guests are. Let the fashion games begin!


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