How to Become a Fashion Designer

Not everyone is born with flawless skin and a perfect waist. Because of this, not everyone can be a fashion model. However, many people are still utterly obsessed with fashion. They spend all their free time reading fashion magazines and watching fashion shows. Their idols are not beautiful people like Tyra Banks or Kate Moss, but the people behind the models: the fashion designers. If you are obsessed with fashion, a great career for you might be one of a fashion designer. To be a fashion designer, one must have more talent and time then being able to flip through a fashion magazine.

Get a Degree

No matter where you are in your fashion expertise area, the first step you should take in becoming a fashion designer is getting a degree. A fine arts fashion degree in a top college is the best starting place for any aspiring fashion designers. Going through the classes will start to make your dream into a reality. You will be challenged to design and make creative things, not something that anyone can find at their local mall. Getting your degree will also help you realize how hard the world of fashion is and help you determine whether you really want it or are cut out for it. It is also a good idea to invest some time and money in learning how to sew and do other textile manufacturing. Another degree to look into is a business degree to help you do the economic part of being a fashion designer. Both of these degrees will add a beautiful name to your resume.

Study Outside Sources

Although you may be studying the history of color in design school, there are some other things a new designer should consider studying. The first is the major fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle. The second are fashion trade journals. The third is individual fashion designers. Learning what they went through to get to the top could help you on your journey. The fourth are shows like Fashion Runway, which will show you just what it takes to make it to the top.

Build a Portfolio

A fashion designer will probably go through this in design school. A great way to get a lift off in the fashion world is to build a portfolio and send it to companies. To do this, you must have created many drawing and designs that are unique and fresh. That can be the first part of your portfolio. To add on to that, take the top five or more drawing and actually create them. After they are created, hire local or new models to model them and a photographer to photograph them. Making all of this look professional is key. A good portfolio may be the breaking point to landing you the fashion design career of your dreams.

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