How to Become a Fashion Model

The job of a fashion model looks like a glamorous one. You live in the life of beauty, have money thrown at you for just looking great, and people idolize your looks and talent. Many girls and boys alike, dream of one day living the life of a fashion model. However, the job is not as easy as it looks. To be a fashion model, many things are required. You must not only possess amazing physical traits, but mental traits as well to survive the world of fashion and beauty.

The Talent

To be a great fashion model, one needs to possess a certain amount of talent. Beauty only goes so far in modeling. The job of modeling is not just about looking into a camera. It is sort of like acting. You have to become the character or object you are modeling. You have to be able to portray emotion from your facial expression to your body language. Fashion models are suppose to make products, anything from dust-repelling sofa spray or million dollar shoes, look good. If they do not look good or with their emotion do not sell the product, then there is no point to them. Some fashion models also walk down runways and catwalks. To do this, proper posture and walking must be learned.

The Look

Sadly, inner beauty and personality do not cut it in the fashion world. A fashion model must have a certain look to them. Guidelines say that to walk down the runway, a girl fashion model must be at least 34-24-34. This means that there bust and hips should be 34 inches and there waist should be 24 inches. They also should be at least 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Since these measures are very extreme, they have encouraged dramatic eating disorders.

Some modeling agencies will not take models who have clinically been proven to be underweight. Of course, not all women modeling does not fall under this thin category. There is also the option of plus size modeling. Plus size modeling means bigger sizes. An average woman would most likely not fit into either of these categories. Besides being the right weight and height, one must have beautiful hair, skin, and face. Make up and airbrushing can make anyone thinner and flawless, but it makes the job easier if they can take a fresh, young face and work from there.

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