How to Dress in 70s Fashion

With each decade, comes a new fashion; however a prominent fashion era is that of the 1970s. The most popular element of 70s fashion is one that is still in motion today. It is the punk movement that was started by Vivienne Westwood.

The Early 70s Fashion

In the early 70s, the fashion scene was just dying down from the hippie movement. The first couple of years of 70s fashion was just a continuation of the 60s. Faded jeans and tie dye could be seen in the first couple of years. This fashion then changed to the peasant look. The peasant look consisted of long flowy skirts called mid skirts and off the shoulder tops. The look was supposed to be full of movement and peaceful.

The Late 70s Fashion

When the dance of disco sky rocketed in popularity, the 70s fashion took another turn.
Three piece suits became really popular among the men. Usually these suits had wide lapels and flared pant legs. Usually the tie and suit were in bright and bold colors.

Another 70s fashion was that of punk. The punk fashion started among those who were poverty stricken. Safety pins became all the rage among them. They were used to decorate clothes and even worse to be used as nose and ear jewelry. Punks also wore clothes that were ripped, such as ripped jeans and ripped tee shirts. They also wore their hair in a grungy matter. Guy punks choose hair styles that were longer. This style was really popular among those who did not have much money because most of the clothes could be made by the wearer. It does not take a Benjamin Franklin to wear ripped clothes.

How to Incorporate 70s Fashion Today

Even today, 70s fashion can be seen every once in a while. Any one can easily add the fashion from the 70s into their wardrobe. The best things to look for are longer, peasant like skirts. Vests were also very popular. Bolder colors were also a key to 70s fashion. You can even dress punk now. To dress like the punks did in the 70s, all you need is a band shirt from that time, or any shirt, and just place rips where you desire. You can also rip and fade jeans for a punkish look without going all out punk. The best place to find these kinds of clothes are at hand me down clothes stores or thrift stores. Also, those who were in their teens or twenties during that era may still have a lot of the popular clothes stashed away somewhere.

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