How to Get Into Fashion Merchandising

Do you consider yourself a fashion guru? Can you walk into any store, even if they are ten years outdated, and pick out a fabulous outfit for anyone? Do friends constantly bug you to borrow your stuff or to give them fashion advice? Then a career in fashion merchandising might be the right career for you. Getting a career in fashion merchandising is not as hard as you think. With some school and connections, you can land the job of your dreams.

Why Go to School

To get into fashion merchandising, a degree is required. You may find that most universities and some design schools offer great programs in fashion merchandising. Buy taking courses in this area, you will learn how to manage, buy, and promote fashion items. You will learn to run your own store or boutique if you wanted to. Through this program, you will also study textiles and the history of fashion.

You will learn how to keep up with the fashion world and its latest trends as well as knowing how to do accounting skills and balance your own business. A major in this means mixing professionalism with passion. What is so great about this program is that there are very few textbooks. Most of the classes you may take in fashion merchandising will be hands on experience or field trips. If you are lucky, you may be able to listen to guest speakers and perhaps visit a fashion magazine or fashion show.


With a major in fashion merchandising, you may be able to go to many different areas in the career world. You may be able to run your own shop, be an assistant buyer, be a fashion consultant, do market research, be an event organizer, or visual merchandiser. There are many career opportunities for those who have a degree in fashion merchandising. The reason why you can get great jobs is because you are learning valuable skills in school. You will learn research skills, writing skills, and communication skills that you will be able to plug into any job, even if it ends up having nothing to do with fashion.

If you are serious for fashion and have an eye for color and design, then fashion merchandising is a great career to consider. Just getting a degree in the subject opens up many doors to you. You may be able to discover your real love just by taking a few courses of fashion merchandising.

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