How to Get Into Fashion Photography

The first pick for those who spend countless hours studying the glossy pages of fashion magazines would probably be a model. However, not everyone is a size zero with perfect skin. So instead of trying to force yourself to be a model, why not try a different job in fashion.

There are many jobs for the fashion obsessed. A perfect job for those who cannot model would be to take fashion photography.

Which School to Go to

To take fashion photography, you do not necessarily need to go to a fashion school. Although, going to a fashion or designs school would further your knowledge in getting the right eye for fashion. A better school to attend would be a place that offers a fashion photography major. If fashion photography is not available, then a regular photography major would work great too. Getting a degree in fashion or photography will better your chances of getting a good job. Getting your degree will be just as hard as getting any other degree. Even though it is your passion, you should expect to work hard and invest a lot of time into school.


The best way to break out into fashion photography is to get an internship. Usually schools offer an internship match up with their students. If you cannot get one through your school, you may also be able to find one through calling around or looking on the internet. A fashion photography internship would be a great lifting point for you. You will learn the basics of the field that school did not necessarily teach you for. It will also help you build a network of people that you can call later when you need a job. It can also even help you land your first job. Majority of out of college students get their first job through having a great internship.

Getting People to See Your Work

The best way to get people to see your work is through a portfolio. With a portfolio, you can show companies or magazines your work in an organized, professional manner. Another great way is to enter it into local art museums or shows. One other great way to get people to see your work is to start a site online. With a site, people can see your quality work and see how much you charge. You may even want to consider making business brochures and placing an ad in the phone book to further your fashion photography career.

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