How to Get Your Fashion Illustration Seen

Are you an inspiring fashion illustrator? Have you drawn several or even just one great fashion illustration that you wish a star would wear? Getting your fashion illustration seen may not be as hard as you think. It will take some time, patience, work, possibly some rejection, and knowing the right people. However, with a few simple steps, your fashion illustration may end up in the right hands. How great would it be for the hottest celebrity to wear your gown at the next awards show?

Put Together a Portfolio

Just like if you were a photographer wanting to get seen, a portfolio is a great way to organize and showcase your work. All you need is a nice binder and page protectors to put your drawings in. The more illustrations you have, the better. You may also want to make a few copies of your portfolio. With your portfolio, you can show anyone your ideas.

Some people who may want to see your fashion illustration and possibly use them would be a local designer, a famous designer, or even a design teacher who has a lot of connections. Do not be afraid to show your portfolio, even if you think you are annoying people. If you believe your fashion illustration is that good, then it deserves to be seen. If the people who are willing to see it say it is bad or tell you what to change, it may be a good idea to listen to them.

Bring Your Illustrations to Life

Most people have a hard time visualizing ideas and pictures. They are kinesthetic people and need something they can hold and feel and even try on. Do not worry if you do not have any sewing skills. With some money or just great connections, you can have your fashion illustration brought to life. Most design students will work for free if they can receive credit for it. All you have to do is purchase the material.

Another person who may be able to put together your creation is a tailor or seamstress. A lot of dry cleaning places have sewers. It may be possible to arrange something on the side. With your new piece, you can show store owners, boutique owners, or maybe even a celebrity.

Enter a Contest

This may seem like a long shot to get your fashion illustration seen, but entering a contest may be a good route to try. You never know; if you win, then not only will you get the prize, but you may also get some connections where you can send more illustrations to.

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