How to Start a Fashion Trend

Fashion trends come and go. One day all the rave is about pink and the next day, just because a celebrity wears black, everyone else starts to wear black. Many people follow a fashion trend in accordance to if their favorite celebrity is wearing it. They may also see a fashion trend in a magazine, store, or on the runway that they have to copy. Have you ever considered becoming your own fashion icon?

Have you ever thought about starting your own fashion trend? Starting a new trend is not as hard as you think. You may not start it world wide, but if you get a couple of people to follow you, you can call your self a fashion icon. To start a fashion trend, you will have to be willing to be bold and daring. You should be able to wear your new fashion trend with confidence.

What to Expect

You cannot expect everyone to follow your new fashion trend right away. You may even get ridiculed at first. If you think that your new fashion trend is cute, then you should wear it with pride. If your new trend catches on, you may find others claiming your trend as their own. These are just a few things to expect when trying to start a fashion trend. Also, wear your new fashion trend in a way that best highlights it.

If you are trying to get the fashion accessory of printed nylons started (which were popular in the eighties) you would not clash your trend with a printed shirt. You would best make it stand out if it was paired next to plain colors. Do not pair too many fashion trends at one time. Make sure your accessory or piece of clothing stands out and make people say, “Wow.” You want your fashion trend to make people turn their heads and think, “Why did I not think of that?”

To get a couple of people to join your new fashion trend, you may want to buy your closest friends or co-workers the trend. If you have more people wearing the same trend as you, then people will probably be more likely to follow your trend and not criticize you for your unique style. Just remember to wear your trend with a lot of pride. If you end up not liking your trend after all, just let it die down quietly. You may be able to laugh about it later.

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