Oh, the Things You Can Be—Pursuing a Fashion Career

Did you play dress-ups as a tot? Did you like to sew as a kid? When you were a teen, was shopping your escape?  If you like to do all of these things, then you should consider pursuing a fashion career. A fashion career will allow you to show off your endless creativity and allow you to make your dreams and visions a reality. There are many different fashion careers, so it is not hard to find the right one for you. One fashion career option is to become a fashion designer. A fashion designer designs clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. The typical fashion designer works for a mass producer and designs clothing for the general public. However, there are also many well-known designers who design for exclusive stores or clients. It may be hard to jump start a fashion career as a fashion designer, so above all fashion designers must be persistent.  They must also be able to communicate their visions verbally, visually, and in written form. About 15,000 people were employed as fashion designers in order to fill the nearly 532,000 design jobs in 2002, and the average salary at this time was $51,290.

The Fashion Merchandiser

The job of a fashion merchandiser is to track and analyze production costs, market trends, and previous sales numbers of merchandise. If you are looking for a fashion career in fashion merchandising, it is good if you are able to combine a creative fashion sensibility with good business skills as well. If you are to excel in this position, you must meet a very high set of standards, both education-related and otherwise. The average salary for a fashion merchandiser is approximately $80,000, though it can easily be over $100,000 if the fashion merchandiser has a lot of experience.

Leaving the Fashion Industry

Some people who pursue a fashion career grow tired of their jobs and leave the fashion industry. Something that is fantastic about having a fashion career, though, is that it provides you with skills that allow you to pursue other careers if you wish. If you pursue a fashion career, the skills and knowledge you would gain would allow you to become a number of other things, such as an interior designer, a graphic designer, a fashion consultant. Many people who leave the fashion industry pursue careers in the clothing, advertising, or promotional industries.

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