Take a Bite of the Apple: New York Fashion Week

For all of you fashionists out there, you may be wondering what exactly New York fashion week is.  Well, New York fashion week is a week-long event that was started on the 7th of June in 1993 and it is currently sponsored by Olympus. Because of the current sponsor, fashion week is often referred to as Olympus fashion week; though in the past it has been known by the names of previous sponsors, such as Mercedes Benz fashion week. The event takes place in Bryant Park in New York City (at the corner of forty-second and sixth streets). The eight acre park is transformed into a fashion arena with tents. Each humongous tent is air conditioned and divided into several venues.  Each venue is approximately twelve thousand square feet and includes a runway, guest seating, sound, lightening, and a back stage area. Designers use the venues to showcase their current work and designs; they decorate the venue according to their personal tastes. The walls of the tents are lined with small booths, where promotional products are being sold or given away. New York fashion week occurs twice a year. The fashion show featuring designs for the upcoming fall occurs the preceding February. The fashion show that features designs for the upcoming spring takes place in late September.

So You Want To Go To Fashion Week?

Fashion week is usually attended by journalists, celebrities, fashion buyers, and social types. The event is invitation only, and journalists who wish to attend must seek accreditation beforehand. You will most likely see only a few celebrities at every show.  Obviously, you will also most likely see fashion models as well as many famous designers. If you do somehow manage to wrangle and invitation to this exciting event, there is no formal dress code that must be followed. Most people follow the “anything goes” rule. Comfort certainly does play a part, but the main goal of dressing for fashion week is to create a distinctive wardrobe that will show off your own individual fashion sense.

If you are one of those people that get really excited about fashion, then fashion week is the event for you. Besides getting the opportunity to see all of the latest up-and-coming designs before they hit the stores, you will have an incredible amount of fun! So though it may seem impossible to get an invitation to fashion week, never say never—if anything, at least you can read about the excitement of the event in Elle.

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