The Best Places to Find Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is great to add any sparkle to any outfit. With a simple necklace, jeans can go from weekend to nice dinner out. Fashion jewelry is actually the important part of the outfit. Think of it as the frosting on the cake. Your outfit is the cake, and even though it is sweet and good, it is not necessarily as dressed up as it should be. The fashion jewelry is the frosting and the design. It is not the foundation of the outfit, but it can really transform a plain outfit to give you a celebrity style look.  However, sometimes finding great jewelry is hard to find.

Department Stores

Department stores are full of jewelry departments and fashion jewelry. You can expect great quality when you buy from a trustworthy store and you may even get a warranty. The only problem with buying fashion jewelry from a department store is that you can buy something that a lot of other people may have. Also, in a department store, prices can be really high.

Second Hand Store

The best place to find one of a kind fashion jewelry is at a second hand store. You may be able to find classic pearls from the fifties or a golden elephant necklace that everyone drools over. The only problem with finding fashion jewelry at a second hand store or thrift store is that you are not always guaranteed authenticity or top quality. Many jewelry from a second hand store is usually rusty or needs much cleaning.

An Older Relative

To find nice and good quality fashion jewelry, you may only need to make a simple phone call. If you have an aunt or grandma that is jewelry obsessed, you may be able to borrow or buy fashion jewelry from them. You may even be able to borrow or buy jewelry from a friend. If you only need it for one night, then there is not need to buy an expensive piece of fashion jewelry.

Garage Sale

You may also be able to find great and unique jewelry at your neighborhood garage sale. If you go early enough, you may be able to find great jewelry before everyone else has picked through them. You may be able to go at the end, also, and get great prices. Although the prices may be cheap, you may not always find the best quality of jewels.

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