The Latest Boots Fashion

With the winter months upon us, it is no surprise that many are trading their stilettos for warm boots. Just because you are trading your shoes for something with more support and warmth, does not mean you have to sacrifice fashion. There are many fashionable boots available. There are a couple of things that attribute to a fashionable boot however. To be in with boots fashion, a boot must have the right material, color, length, and be worn the right way.


The first thing to look for in boots fashion is a warm material. You want a boot that withstands any kind of weather it goes through. It should be able to go from a sunny day, to a thunderstorm, to tromping through the thick snow. The best material in boots fashion is probably suede or soft, weatherproof leather.

Another great material to look for in the latest boots fashion is fur. If you are against animal cruelty or animal use, you can always buy boots with fake fur. However, if it does not matter to you, rabbit fur is a great fur to consider in boots fashion. It is both really warm and soft. It is also very fashionable looking. No matter which fur you choose, find one that will keep your feet and legs warm and fur that is soft and not wiry against the skin.


There are many colors to choose when choosing boots fashion. Right now the most popular colors are the standard brown/tan, black, and white. However, the soft colors are also really popular in boots fashion; such as pink, purple, and blue.


The knee-length and ankle-length boots are in style right now. Usually the ankle-length boots are easier to wear with any type of pant.

How to Wear Them

The most popular ways to wear boots are over jeans. The benefit of this is that it keeps you very warm in the harsh weather. They can also be worn under the pant leg and still look great. Boots are also acceptable to wear with a longer style skirt or dress. By putting these two together, you are mixing the warm fashion of winter with the fun fashion of summer and spring. Celebrities have also been seen wearing boots with fashionable sweat pants. Boots can pretty much go with anything. However, if mixed with the wrong types of clothes, you could end up with the look of bum or bag lady, so be fashion wise.

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