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Usually when one thinks of fashion, the first gender to come in mind is a woman. Women have dominated the fashion world since it really started to be come popular. Can you blame them? Men would rather be successful or watch a game, not spend the afternoon picking out designer clothes. Even though that is true, most men desire to look good and in fashion. There are a couple of mens fashion that should be noted, and that are easy for any man to follow.


The first item on the mens fashion list is jeans. A great pair of jeans can make any man look amazing. The wrong pair of jeans, however, can give women the wrong impression of a man. Jeans should fit perfectly on the hips. They should not sag nor should they be too form fitting. You should be able to see the shape of his butt but not so tight that you can see the outline of his butt crack or that you confuse his butt with one of a woman. Some popular mens fashion jeans are ones that are distressed on purpose. Anyone can easily sand down a pair of jeans and add fashionable tears in them.


Mens fashion should not only look good, but also be convenient for the man. To make it easy, a man should have three types of jackets. A suit jacket for work and fancy dinners, a blazer for nice occasions and weekends, and a thick winter jacket for any day wear and for warmth. Mens fashion jackets should be fitted and close with out any buttons bulging. It should also lay nicely against the man’s chest. He should not be swimming in it.


Jeans should not be worn all the time. For a man to participate in mens fashion, he needs to get the right kind of pants. A nice fitted pant can do a lot for a man. The only colors that are needed are black, navy, grey, and khaki. Pants should never be pleated. Pleated pants do not do much for a man, especially if he is carrying a few extra pounds. The pants should also fall at the anklebone and be tailored if they are too long.


Mens fashion does not require a lot of accessories like womens fashion does. As far as jewelry goes, none to very little is best. A simple ring or chain are usually plenty for any man. A man also needs a couple of ties. Silk ties for the office and special occasions and nice cloth ties to wear on not so fancy occasions. Another great men fashion accessory would be a scarf in the winter.

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