The Psychedelic 60s Fashion

The 1960s were a very interesting time period that saw the advent of many new styles and elements of 60s fashion.  Many of these styles have been revived today, and can be seen as influences in modern fashions.  Bellbottoms, for example, are one element of 60s fashion that has been revived today.  Many people think that bellbottoms were characteristic of the 70s disco era, when in fact they were first introduced in the 60s. 

Most people also believe that platform shoes originated in the 70s, but these too are an element of 60s fashion.  Singers, such as Cher and Elvis, made bellbottoms popular in 60s fashion.  Another distinctive trend of the 1960s was dyed shirts.  In the early part of that era, 60s fashion was designed mostly for older people and featured dull, colorless clothing.  As a result, small, inexpensive boutiques began selling cheap dyed shirts, which jump started the tie-dyed shirt trend. 

Common trends among women of this time included leather boots, false eyelashes, and the mini skirt.  The mini skirt was designed by Mary Quant and was a very controversial element of 60s fashion because many people thought that women who wore mini skirts were improperly dressed, but the women who wore them felt as though they were declaring their freedom.  As a result of the increasingly popular miniskirt, the 60s fashion era was the first to see pantyhose.  Women liked pantyhose because the darker color gave them the appearance of a slimmer, tanner leg.  The bikini also became popular in 60s fashion, especially after the release of the movie Beach Party. 

It was common for men in the 1960s to wear paisley shirts, or to dress somewhat fancily.  Men began growing their hair long as well.

Influences of 60s Fashion

There were many things that influenced the development of 60s fashion.  The hippie movement played a huge role in the sixties styles, including bell bottoms, tie-dyed shirts, and paisley prints.  There were many people who had an impact on the development of these fashions; notably The Beatles, Twiggy, and Jacqueline Kennedy.  Other things that influenced 60s fashion were the women’s liberation movement and ethnic fashions.  Ethnic fashions, especially the Oriental look and the Middle Eastern/African look, became very popular during this time.

The elements of 60s fashion are not only interesting because they are distinct, but also because they were able to make a comeback during the nineteen nineties.  Why were these styles able to come back?  It’s not as though they can be considered “classic” or “timeless.”  Perhaps it is because many of the self-liberating ideas and movements of the sixties have been revived today, and the clothing that is worn expresses that.

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