Through The Lens of a Fashion Photographer

You might love everything about fashion, from the clothes and gorgeous dresses, to the quirky designers, to the models and celebrities that model the clothes—let’s face it, the fashion industry is one of the most exciting industries out there. But maybe you don’t have the creative drive to become a fashion designer, and I don’t blame you if you don’t want to drop thirty pounds to become a fashion model. Does that mean you are out of the fashion industry for good?  Of course not! There are plenty of other career opportunities in the fashion industry. One of the most common choices of career is that of a fashion photographer. This career may seem a little out of reach, but in truth, you can attain this dream with a lot of effort and just a little bit of luck. So if you like photography as well as fashion, then give fashion photography a try.

What Is A Fashion Photographer?

A fashion photographer conceptualizes shoots, develops and prints still photos of models wearing the beautiful creations of fashion designers.  t is very important that as a fashion photographer, you have a creative eye and are able to capture the models in a creative way that will catch the eye of prospective buyers. The photographs taken by a fashion photographer can be used in fashion magazines, such as Elle or Vogue, or they can be featured in advertisements. A fashion photographer must be comfortable in working with the models to achieve quality poses and photographs. They must be skilled at using proper lighting, and they are often responsible for selecting the location of the shoot.  If you choose to be a fashion photographer, you should prepare for competition—this is one of the most competitive jobs in the field. However, it is also one of the most exciting. Fashion photographers have the opportunity to develop relationships with famous models and celebrities. They also are able to travel to many exciting places for on site photo shoots. The median salary for a fashion photographer is from between $25,000 to $40,000. 

How to Achieve Your Dream

You can become a fashion photographer by working your way up from the top. Start out being a photographer’s assistant. Then work your way up to a staff or freelance photographer, then to a photo editor, and then to a director of photography. Even as a photographer’s assistant, it is very important that you have a portfolio that displays all of your work.

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