What Makes a Fashion Icon?

Fashion is made by expressions and is meant to help people express themselves while wearing it. Therefore choose your clothes carefully and not just to be in style with the latest fashion trend. Here are a few tips and suggestions that will hopefully help you pick and choose your clothes to enhance your personality and style.

What Is a Fashion Icon?

Ever so often there will be a style created that will be widely popular such as the mini dress - that is known as a fashion icon. However, there are also celebrities and designers that set the trend almost every year and they too are known as fashion icons.

Now, who should one follow - the classics or the latest trends when it comes to fashion icons? The answer is none; you should follow your own style and personality in order to create your a fashion icon in yourself. Each one of us has a unique body and personality that do not always suit a fashion or trend and even though at times you may want to wear something that is extremely popular, you may have to make the choice between being in fashion and having to change your personality to match the trend.

Why Do We Follow Fashion Icons?

Fashion icons are followed because, in the case of a designer house, it produces styles that fit the time are era and in the case of a classic, because it never dies. Many women own at least a pair of classic pointed black shoes to wear on a formal evening, which are a fashion icon because they never went out of style even if at one point they were not available in all leading shoes stores.

How to Become a Fashion Icon

You too can be a fashion icon by always wearing clothes and styles that enhance your personality. Mix and match trends and fashions to create your own designer clothes that set you apart from the rest and thus, make you a fashion icon. If you wear something that suits you well enough for others to notice and follow your lead, you may have just become a fashion icon.


Fashion is meant to enhance your features and at the same time have fun while wearing them. Many girls, boys, women and men become fashion slaves and don’t know when and where to stop thus, losing their own personality in the process.

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