What Not to Wear—Your Guide to Winter Fashion

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go…..” Whether you have a place to go or not, the winter fashion trends are here and it is very important to know all of the dos and don’ts of winter fashion.  Many styles are fleeting trends that come and go, but other elements of winter fashion are classic, timeless and can be worn year after year.  So bundle up, and—er—let it snow!

The Do’s Of Winter Fashion: Layering

One of the most important elements of winter fashion is layering.  Layers are a very popular way to keep warm during the cold winter weather.  And yet, they also provide the perfect solution because if you get too hot, you can simply remove a layer!  This is such an easy and versatile solution to your winter fashion dilemma.  

Begin by wearing a light cotton layer, such as a cami or t-shirt.  Add a sweater or zip-up hoodie, and top with your favorite winter coat!  You can layer on your legs as well.  Begin with a pair of sheer tights.  If you want to add a fun twist, choose to wear patterned tights.  On top, add a pair of leg warmers or leggings.  Finish with a hip pair of boots.  Another benefit of layering—it flatters any figure and hides and flaws in your body that you dislike.  Go with layering for an easy winter fashion trend!

Fashion Trends to Avoid: Faux Fur

One of the winter fashion trends that you should generally avoid is wearing faux fur.  Although this trend can be worn tastefully, the people that are able to do so usually are able to afford expensive, quality furs.  Also, many people that wear fur during the winter over-do the fur—head to toe fur is not an attractive sight!  So do yourself a favor and just avoid this winter fashion trend all together.

Choosing the Perfect Coat

An essential of winter fashion is a coat.  You will wear a winter coat all throughout the season, so it is important to select a coat that is both functional and stylish.  There is a wide variety of coat styles to choose from, including knee-length coats, full-length coats, swing coats, and capes.  Make sure to consider how often you will wear the coat as well as which style will best flatter your figure.

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