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In today’s times, it seems like it is more important what we wear on our body than what we know or can do. There are hundreds of sites, shows, books, and magazines all devoted to looking good. Even though fashion does not have to consume your life like some, it is still somewhat important to dress nicely. Usually dressing ‘nicely’ means dressing in style. Not all of us are born with the innate ability to match colors and put an accomplished looking outfit together. If you are one of these people who do not know the latest clothes, do not worry. There are many sources that will help you look and feel great.


Magazines usually always have the latest clothes fashions in them. Sometimes, though, their fashions can be a bit extreme for every day life. Out of the hottest fashion spreads, pick a style that can easily be mimicked. Say a beautiful model has head to toe leopard print on. That ensemble is way too extreme to go to school or the office in. Instead, why not pair a dashing pair of leopard print stilettos with a black dress and top with a leopard belt or headband. This way you look like you know the latest clothes fashion, but do not look like a fashion freak.

Magazines usually premiere fashion pieces that can be a bit pricey. The best thing to do instead of running out and spending a fortune is to cut out the picture and take it to your local super store to see if you can duplicate the fashion on a budget.


Although the mall usually gets the latest clothes a month after a magazine showcases them, it is a great place to find fashion. Not only will you get a taste of the fashion trend of the time, but you will get a taste of your local fashion trend. Observe how the successful looking people of your city dress.


You will not find the latest clothes on shows like That 70s Show. Other than that, though, the hippest shows and news programs usually have a wide variety of what clothes fashion is in. Again, just like in magazines, most of the pieces the stars wear are too much to afford. Find a picture of the outfit or accessory and try to either find it for a price that is in your budget or better yet, try to make it yourself. Not everyone has to always follow the latest clothes fashion. If you are comfortable and feel sexy wearing your black velvet jacket from the 90s, then wear it. Fashion is not only how you look, but how you feel when you wear it.

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