Fun Collectibles: Disney Schmid Music Boxes

When it comes to collecting music boxes, there are many different genres to choose from. You could collect simply designed music boxes, or ones that are very decorative. However, if you love Disney movies, consider collecting Disney Schmid music boxes.

The Different Kinds of Disney Schmid Music Boxes

One of the earliest Disney movies was “Pinocchio,” about a little puppet who wished he could be a real boy. There is a Schmid music box that you can get if you are a fan of the movie, in which is shows Pinocchio talking with Jiminy Cricket. The music box plays “When you Wish Upon a Star” from the movie soundtrack.

If you are a fan of the Disney classic “Cinderella,” about an impoverished girl by that name who falls in love with a prince, then you would love the Schmid music box entitled “Cinderella and Prince.” This Schmid music box features Cinderella in her magical ball gown dancing with her prince, and the song the music box plays is “So This is Love” from the movie soundtrack.

A popular Disney movie from the early 1990s was “Beauty and the Beast” about a cursed prince who has been changed into a beast, and falls in love with a village girl named Belle. There is a Schmid music box that features Belle and the Beast having fun on a snowy day, and this music box plays the song “Something There,” from the movie soundtrack.

If you are a fan of “Beauty and the Beast,” no doubt you remember the beautiful ballroom scene in which Belle and the Beast dance. There is a Schmid music box that features just Belle in her lovely golden ball gown, and the music box plays the theme from the movie, entitled “Beauty and the Beast.”

These are but some of the Disney Schmid music boxes you can choose from. There are other models from Disney movies, featuring such characters the puppies from the Disney movie “101 Dalmations” as well as the famous Disney Character, Donald Duck.

Disney Schmid music boxes can be found in specialty stores that sell Disney collectibles, but they might be harder to find as time goes on because Schmid is no longer making music boxes. You can also search the internet, as there are a variety of different websites that still sell them. The prices of these music boxes vary according to size and detail. With the proper research, you are sure to build and impressive collection of Disney Schmid music boxes.


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