Mr. Christmas Music Boxes: A Holly Jolly Collectible

There are not too many people who can even glance at a Norman Rockwell painting without letting out that little happy sigh and feeling a twinge of nostalgia.  Of course you do; those simplistic works of art take you to a very utopian fantasy of what American life could have been.  Those Thomas Kinkade portraits give you the same warm, fuzzy sensation.  And you probably sigh a bit louder and longer when you are taking in that luminous landscape on canvas.

Mr. Christmas music boxes offer the same rush of hopeful, wistful nostalgia.  Each Mr. Christmas animated music box is crafted to delight the owner for years to come.  They also make excellent gifts and something that is not just a marvel to watch but also a collector’s item that appreciates with each passing year. Not that anyone would be too ready to part with their truly unique piece.

The Whole Nitty Gritty

The art of making music boxes like the Mr. Christmas line began in the same rustically mountainous country where great watch making was also born.  The same detail and precision was used on such music boxes; the result being the creation of a delicate melody that fluttered through the air like a butterfly.  You suddenly become the moth, drawn to the flame of ambiance that these amazing music boxes can almost instantly create.

The dawning of the twentieth century and two world wars saw an extinction to the grander, more elaborate music boxes.  Mr. Christmas has, in a way, resurrected these beauties in spirit with intricately detailed and designed pieces that can so easily whisk you back in time with one simple turn.  Would you like to go to the World’s Fair?  Maybe watch bumper boats on the pond?  Does the thought of an old skating rink with laughing children and blushing couples send you into a tizzy?

Mr. Christmas prefers their music boxes to not be the usual “cookie cutter” melodies that dribble out and fade away within seconds.  Therefore, unique music chips are designed for each box and able to play more than one song.  For example, the Carousel model can belt out thirty different ditties.  The Ferris Wheel also features thirty songs.  Although you may not find a Mr. Christmas music box for fewer than thirty dollars, you are still getting more than you would have bargained for in so many ways.

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