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Hello, welcome to my website. First of all, thanks for visiting this website. I build this website to share my experience on unlocking my Nokia N95.

This story started in May 2007 when I bought my Nokia N95 from a seller in UK at the eBay. I bought it for £300 and thought that I had found something underpriced (I was wrong).

A few weeks later, I got my N95. However, to my surprise, it was lock to the Orange UK network! I was unable to use it with other network other than the Orange UK which was really bad because I didn't live in the UK and didn't like the Orange Uk network either.

So, the searching for a solution to unlock my newly bought N95 began. I searched on the internet and googled for "unlock N95", "N95 unlock code", etc. I knew that if one's handset were locked to a certain network, he or she would need an unlock code to unlock or remove the SIM lock restriction/SP restriction.

By that time, I found a review from an eBay user on how to unlock N95. I learnt that I could get the so-called unlock code from the service provider itself. Therefore, I bought an Orange SIM card from eBay for £1. Once I got that SIM card, I topped it up with £20 and called the Orange customer service.

I told the staff that I would like to obtain the unlock code for my N95. He immediately understood my intention and checked my account balance if there were enough credit (£20 for the unlock code). He got my e-mail and asked me to wait for the code by e-mail.

Few days later, I got a voice message from the staff that I asked for the unlock code. It was bad news. He said that the IMEI of my handset indicated that there were some problems previosly concerning the contract of my N95. Thus, he couldn't give me the unlock code. The seller of my N95 from eBay never told me about this!

I got really frustrated but I didn't give up on searching for another solution. I found some sellers who claimed to have the unlocking software for the N95. Of course, I found them on eBay. However, when I read their feedbacks, none of their customer said that the unlocking software was working. Too bad.

Few months later, I found a guy called Dejan Kaljevic from GSMHosting who announced to have found another unlocking method and share it for free. There after, some guys from GSMHosting simplified that solution and were even ready to sell it to other. 

I was informed that in order for that solution to work, I needed to have the exact firmware version (V 06wk41v23.4 17-04-07 RM-159 (c) Nokia) on my Nokia N95. To do that, I found these website: Nokia N95 Debranding Guide and an article from thenokiablog.com

I ordered the simplified Crazzy Nokia N95 Unlock Clip which was based on Dejan's solution from techgsm.com

This day, 30 August 2007, I received the clip and successfully unlocked my Nokia N95! See my Crazzy Unlocking Clip.


Nokia N95 Unlocking Methods-

  • Buy unlocking code from your service provider,
  • Unlock using box, like MT-Box, JAF box, etc. 
  • Try Dejan's free solution,
  • Buy simplified solution from TechGSM.com, Multi-com.eu, etc.
  • Try remote unlocking service by PhoneRepairWorld.com, etc.

P.S: There is still no software that can unlock your Nokia N95.


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