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Phone Tool: Screw Driver Set

Screw Drivers

Phone tools that I bought

You will need these tools. You can get them from eBay by these keywords: "screw driver for nokia", "phone tools", etc. The picture on the right is a phone tool which I bought from my local shop in Miri, Malaysia for RM 22.50 (about USD 6.50).

Step by step to disassemble N95

Take out the battery

Take out the battery and the SIM card as usual.

The back cover

The back cover will pop out easily if you try to open it from the side.

Three screws on the each side

There are three screws on both sides. Remove them.

The Metal

After you have removed the three screws on the side, the metal will fall apart. By now, the whole of the screen part will separate from the body of the N95 but it is still connected by wires.

Four more screws

Then, you have four more screws to remove. This will cause the plastic plate which covers the circuit board of the N95 to be removed. 

This will be enough for now. If you need further help or reference, please click here.


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