Identifying and Taking Care of a Lawn Care Problem

Anyone who maintains a lawn will be able to admit that taking care of it is no easy task.  Each season brings new problems to the grass and an owner of a house with a lawn must know which measures to take to fight up the various fungicides and harmful bacteria that can destroy a grass and make it an embarrassing sight come summertime. Snow mold, as you may have guessed is a mold in which heavy snow sits on top of the grass for extended periods of time.  There is not much one can do about this, other than improve water drainage to the lawn.  Also, one can take preventive measures during the fall by continuously raking the leaves off the lawn and following a fertilization schedule that will not allow over-fertilization right before the winter months.  This lawn care problem is not hard to treat but can become a major problem if not effectively taken care of by the lawn owner.

There Are Several Lawn Care Problems That Can Occur

A brown patch usually occurs to a patch of grass that is exposed to high humidity or a large amount of shade.  The proper amount of moisture is not reaching these areas of grass and it is evident to lawns in many drier areas of the United States.  It takes a lot of observation on the lawn owner’s part to prevent this lawn care problem; he/she must aerate that area often and reduce the amount of shade that it gets.  The owner of the lawn must hydrate these areas of grass often as well.  A fertilization schedule that involves less nitrogen in these areas would be helpful as well.

Believe it or not, dog urine can cause numerous lawn care problems because of the added nitrogen exposed to the grass.  It acts as an added fertilizer, which of course would result in over-fertilization, or fertilizer burn.  A way to dilute the nitrogen in the urine of one’s dog would be to feed it tomato sauce.  Eating the tomato sauce causes the dog to be thirstier which would then lessen the effect of the nitrogen on the grass.

Of course, this may cause health problems to one’s dog so an owner should always consult a professional or veterinarian before going through with this. Each of the previous three problems listed are an example of a lawn care problem.  Some occur seasonally while others because of outside sources.  A lawn owner should always be observing the grass, looking for brown spots and possible areas that will a cause for concern.  If nothing else, a lawn care problem will always be a nuisance whether it is pulling the weeds or picking the mushrooms.  If one takes good care of a lawn though, it will result in beautiful grass that the neighbors will be in awe of.

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