The Benefits of a Lawn Care Professional

In recent years people had much more time to spend caring for their lawn, but now with the constant on the go attitude we all have, there is hardly a free minute in the day.  More and more people are realizing the value of a healthy lawn or turf and can actually see the benefit of hiring a lawn care professional. Not only will you have more leisure time with your family, you will also have a well maintained and aesthetically pleasing lawn by hiring a lawn care professional.  Also, a lawn care professional is more familiar with the current environmentally safe developments in fertilizer and pest technology.  Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but is concerned with the chemicals that were used such as pesticides and herbicides.  Whereas we used to treat the entire lawn, lawn care professionals are more adept at spot treatment so that they are used less and with more caution.

How to Select a Lawn Care Professional

When you first set out to hire a lawn care professional you should decide if you want them for lawn care or lawn maintenance.  For general maintenance, such as mowing and weeding it might be best to find a neighborhood teenager, but for fertilizer and pesticide treatment it really does pay to hire someone who is knowledgeable on how and when to apply these solutions.

The size of the company should not be as important as the quality and knowledge of the employees.  Going with a nationwide company is fine, but make sure the local branch has the training and reliability to provide a good service.  You should always ask for references when hiring any lawn care professional, and make sure you go over the references thoroughly.  Checking with the Better Business Bureau is often recommended for smaller companies to make sure they really can do what they say they can, and that there aren’t any complaints lodged with their company. 

When you finally hire a lawn care professional have them come to your house to discuss the solutions and needs that you may require, as well as the price.  Find out what the basic care package costs are as well as the add-ons.  Ask about what chemicals are applied and how often.  There are alternative lawn care programs, so find out if they participate in these programs.  As with any lawn care professional, follow up to make sure they are doing a good job, and what you requested of them.   


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