Starting Your Own Lawn Care Business

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Does mowing the lawn give you a thrill? Got a green thumb that won't quit? You're the house on the block with the yard that the neighbors envy. Your lawn is always mowed to perfection, your trees and shrubs are properly pruned, and the landscaping is highlighted when the sun goes down by impeccable lighting. It's what you do all weekend, every weekend, when the weather permits. Wouldn't it be great to make some money while you do what you enjoy? If so, perhaps starting your own lawn care business is something to consider.

Do You Have Enough Time For Your Own Lawn Care Business?

This is the number one most important factor in determining if starting a lawn care business is right for you. Starting a lawn care business will require your attention and time, so if you must be sure that you'll have at least one weekend day and two evenings to devote to your new venture. If you have a full time job and a family that needs your attention you can still pull it off, but you'll need to start slow. If you're working part time or have few family responsibilities, you're a perfect candidate and can dive right in. And college students...this is a fantastic way to earn some serious cash while you aren't in class!

A lawn care business can have many different facets. If you're planning on just cutting lawns; you'll need at minimum a quality lawn mower with adjustable settings. It is preferable to have one with a bag attachment to aid in your clean up and save you time. Push mowers are sufficient for small scale jobs, but ride ones are essential if you'll be mowing acreage. A rake is also handy, as is a weed whacker for those hard to reach areas. If you're going to be pruning and trimming as well, a hand shear and a lopper will be must haves. Fall cleanups will require a leaf blower, too. How much you invest in your lawn care business is up to you, and most folks will have all these supplies already, so startup costs are minimal.

Customers: Where Do I Find Them And How Much Should I Charge?

The best way to find clients for your new lawn care business is advertising in a local paper, and by word of mouth. Put your information on the side of your car or truck, and ask your clients if you can display your information with a small sign on their property. Pricing is completely up to you; a handy tip is to call around and get estimates from other lawn care professionals in your town.

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