You Can’t Go Wrong with a Chocolate Gift

Every holiday season, birthday, celebratory event for friends, co-workers, and relatives, you are bound to be left aimlessly searching for some type of gift.  If you want something with a more personal touch than a gift certificate or cash, don’t rule out giving edible gifts, more specifically gifts of chocolate. Chocolate gifts are enjoyable because they suggest indulgence and come in a wide variety, so you can tailor your gift to its recipient.

Boxed Chocolate Gifts

One of the most popular chocolate gifts is boxed chocolate.  Boxed chocolates are great, because they sample many different types of chocolate, and can be easily shared if the recipient so chooses.

If your gift recipient has any sort of dietary constraints you can even easily find boxed chocolates to accommodate these needs, such as low, or no, sugar chocolates, dairy free chocolates, etc. Boxed chocolate gifts are a great option for recipients you don’t know a lot about, or whose taste is in question.  You will also find boxed chocolates available to fit any price range.

Fruits and Nuts

For a slightly more personal or sensual gift, try chocolate covered fruits or nuts.  If you know the recipient has a favorite kind of fruit or nut, you can be sure to include some of these items. If you’re looking for a romantic chocolate gift, try chocolate covered strawberries.

Chocolate covered strawberries are a staple dessert for romantic dinners, or just as a nice surprise. Chocolate covered nuts are always a hit with nut lovers, especially when presented in a nice box or tin. If your recipient’s favorite nut is unknown, try an assortment.

Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers, try giving chocolate covered espresso beans, or a nice gourmet mocha chocolate bar.  You can find many chocolate gifts related to coffee, either with some type of coffee liquor center, or with whole beans mixed in. Check your local coffee shops or gourmet food markets for a variety of coffee-related chocolate gifts.

Whimsical Chocolate Gifts

For children, or fun adults, there are a variety of more whimsical gifts to consider.  If you visit a candy shop you are bound to find fun chocolate lollipops in a wide range of shapes, characters, etc.

If you have enough time you can also try a personalized chocolate gift.  Many vendors will imprint names, dates, holidays/occasions on your own personalized chocolate bar. 

You will also be able to find molded chocolates in fun shapes, not to mention the huge variety of more mainstream chocolate candies. Put together a bag or basket of many types!

Gift Baskets

If your recipient is a true chocolate lover, or you’re looking for a slightly more upscale gift, go for a chocolate basket.  Chocolate baskets will incorporate many different chocolate products, everything from traditional candies to hot chocolate, fondue, mousses, etc. 

If you want to give a basket, but are on a budget, make your own.  Make a Smores themed basket for someone with a fireplace, or a basket of decade-themed chocolate candy for a birthday. Have fun with your chocolate gift!