The Chocolate Mold is for Home Chocolate Making and Also for Industrial Use

The chocolate mold machine can make many different chocolate forms that are able to hold fillings that go into making candy in a chocolate production operation. The benchtop mold machines are of varying capacities, and may hold from two pounds of chocolate, to much larger ones that can hold more than thirty-three pounds of chocolate. There are also very big chocolate mold machines that are capable of melting, as well as tempering and producing, more than two hundred pounds of tempered chocolate per hour.

Many Different Molds for Home Use

There are many different chocolate molds that one can buy, and which one is chosen will depend on the particular shape that is required off the chocolate. There are molds for preparing chocolates of every size and shape, and one can try out various popular shapes To begin with, one can start out by using the most basic chocolates that have one color, as well as a solid body. Once one gets to know about the finer details of the chocolate mold, there is every possibility of making terrific designs for the chocolates.

To begin the whole process at home, one should melt the chocolate and then fill the mold with the help of a spoon or melting bottle or disposable decorating bags. Once the chocolate mold is filled, it should be tapped slightly so that there are no air bubbles in the chocolate. One can then place the filled chocolate mold in the refrigerator or freezer to let the chocolate set and when the underside of the chocolate mold seems frosted it is time to unmold the chocolate.

For umolding the chocolate, the mold should be turned upside down an inch or so above the surface (that is made of parchment or waxed paper), and let the chocolate come out gently. One may add colors to the chocolate to make them more realistic and for coloring large areas. The best way is to paint the melted chocolate, while it is in the chocolate mold before molding the chocolate. For this, one may need to use a decorative brush.

The chocolate mold can be of any category.. There are plenty of different shapes as well as sizes within each category, so that one can let the imagination run riot, and still find more chocolate molds to choose from.