Varieties in Chocolate Wedding Favors


For a classic simple choice in chocolate wedding favors, an elegant box of gourmet chocolate truffles could be the perfect reception treat; many companies offer a variety of colored boxes and ribbons to tie them, this can make finding a complementary color easy.  Most boxed chocolates for weddings are small, coming in sets two to four candies per box; as such these individual pricing makes purchasing just the right amount easier.


Foil covered chocolate wedding favors can add flare and drama to a take-away gift bag; the foil covered treats are available in many shapes from sweet heart to fun-shaped stars.  Most foil covered treats are available in a variety of colors or can even be customizable to match the wedding colors.  For a more intricate design, some manufacturers even make especially themed chocolate wedding favors, like playing cards, poker chips, or coins.  Some of these chocolaty treats even feature choices of flavored chocolate such as mint or peanut butter filled.


Some companies even make customizable chocolate wedding favors such as candy bars or CD’s that the labels can be printed with a special message; such as the date, the name of the happy couple, or congratulations!   The bars especially can be extremely personalized with photos on the wrapper, and choices of dozens of wrapper designs and colors.  Some companies will even imprint the bar itself with a special wedding themed message, and provide a variety of colored boxes in which to display them.  Many of the companies offer choices of flavors in these bars like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate.

Molded Chocolate Wedding Favors and Specialty Items

Molded chocolate wedding favors are available in most any theme a bride and groom could want; if a mold exists, there is likely a manufacturer that will pour chocolate into it for them.  Some companies offer themes such as castles, casinos, and theater; these can really bring all the decorations and atmosphere together for the quests. 

Specialty chocolate wedding favors include miniature chocolate wedding cakes with fondant icing, monogrammed truffles, customized petit fours, wedding cake shaped cookies, and gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels to name just some of the choices. Each of those items, especially the petit fours, come in varieties within their categories; for example the petit fours come in package type designs, animal themed, wedding cake minis, and a more classic simple chocolate variety.  Some of these treats are even available in fun boxes that feature bridal gowns or tuxedos on the boxes. 

For the most special cookie the bride and groom will ever see, some companies can even customize a cookie with an actual photo of the bride and groom.  For a classic look; solid white chocolate or truffle filled chocolate 3-D roses would be an elegant addition to a table-scape.  Also available are hand painted chocolate wedding favors, available in a variety of molds; because they are hand pained they have a unique one of a kind appearance.  What is a wedding if not once in a life time experience?