What Are Chocolate Truffles?

Many people won’t eat a chocolate truffle because they confuse them with truffles, which many know to be a fungus.  But alas, a chocolate truffle is not really a truffle at all, and therefore not a fungus. Yes, it is true chocolate lovers, no need to get squeamish or uncomfortable about a chocolate truffle, it is all made in a kitchen.  So if a chocolate truffle isn’t really a truffle, then just what might it be?

More Information About Chocolate Truffles

A chocolate truffle is actually a mixture of chocolate, liquids and flavorings called a ganache. Chocolate truffles for many years were considered a treat only for the very rich and famous. Even today the mention of a chocolate truffle brings images of a Hollywood movie star in a lavish robe laying on a chaise lounge sipping champagne while eating her exquisite confectionary. 

The truth of the truffle is that  now you can find them in supermarkets, candy stores, chocolate shops. You can even place them on your own coffee table while watching and old black and white classic on the television.

Chocolate truffles come in just about every imaginable flavor.  You can choose from a simple dark or milk chocolate as well as white chocolate, there are also fruit flavors added to the chocolate and for those who enjoy certain liqueurs you can also find it in Kahula, Frangelico and many brandy flavors. Whatever your taste, there is a flavor out there and yes, they are reasonably prices in most places. 

If you have trouble finding truffles locally, then why not make them yourself?  There are numerous websites with recipes, tips and ideas for many different flavors of chocolate truffle.  Imagine your family’s delight as you serve to them the layers of rich and creamy chocolate temptations and your neighbors envy when you offer some up to them.

You don’t need any fancy ingredients for a basic chocolate truffle just some heavy whipping cream, butter, cocoa and light corn syrup. Most of that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Now that you know chocolate truffles are not just for the rich and famous nor is it a fungus, give one a try, and discover the mouth watering richness of one of the oldest chocolate treats in the world. You deserve a treat, and you deserve to savor every bite without having to share; enjoy your newly found chocolate truffle addiction.